Youtopia is making life easier for those dedicated to teaching and serving others.

Our Mission

To help you do good, better.

Our Vision

We make it easy for schools, nonprofits, greek organizations, and companies to manage and motivate their communities to go above and beyond. Youtopia is a plug-and-play gamification platform that gives teachers and managers the tools to organize, track and report on the good their people do – and encourage them to do more of it.

We’re a team of entrepreneurs, designers, educators, and community organizers

Simeon Schnapper
Simeon SchnapperCo-Founder | CEO
As an entrepreneur, Simeon has built success across industries including disruptive technology, green manufacturing, strategic consulting, and for the last decade, serving as President of a 501c3. As Youtopia’s CEO, he brings natural leadership and a passion for creatively solving the important problems of the world. He is humbled to be working among seasoned Youtopians to translate profitability into real-world impact.

Cameron Croft
Cameron CroftChief Operating Officer
A social entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist, Cameron has a passion for improving education and enjoys connecting schools and nonprofits with the valuable resources they need. At Youtopia, he works on projects that will allow organizations to track their impact and incite more action in the communities they serve.

Rayna Yaker JD, M.Ed
Rayna Yaker JD, M.EdChief Learning Officer
Rayna brings her knowledge of the classroom and curriculum design to the world through Youtopia’s platform. As a former teacher and education consultant, she has a B.S. in Elementary Education, M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction K-12, and J.D. focusing on education and contracts. Rayna leverages all these talents to design gamification and badge programs to help districts engage and motivate their students.

Jacqueline Von Edelberg
Jacqueline Von EdelbergDirector of Strategic Partnerships
Jacqueline consults for school districts, civic groups, foundations, universities and parent organizations on how public schools and reformers can galvanize communities to improve public education. She was the driving force behind the Nettelhorst School’s dramatic turn around – the subject of her book How to Walk to School: Blueprint for a Neighborhood School Renaissance.

Devin Soule
Devin SouleCo-Founder
Devin seeks to bridge the worlds of education and community service. He graduated summa cum laude from DePaul University with a B.A. in Political Philosophy and a minor in Peace, Conflict Resolution and Social Justice. At Youtopia, he strives to understand user needs in order to provide intuitive solutions that deliver positive impact.

Brett Singer
Brett SingerCo-Founder | Creative Director
Brett believes that orchestrating creativity is more effective than ordering results and that the best idea always wins. It works for him in his role as a father and a husband, and it’s working for Youtopia. Brett was owner and Creative Director of a design boutique servicing Fortune 500 companies, an award winning film producer and director, and served as a Senior Designer at The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Nick Antista
Nick AntistaCo-Founder | Vice President of Education
Nick began his career as the co-founder of a technology company, but left to earn two M.A.’s in Education. He went on to teach in an inner city school, work with local organizations to improve the school’s community, and become an accomplished school administrator. He’s back with Youtopia to build technology with substance.