You finally have a verified and quantified report of all your good deeds to include in your resume and on applications. You didn’t understand what I am talking about? Well, I am talking about this new platform named Youtopia.

What is it all about?

Youtopia is a simple and effective platform designed to incite, inspire, reward, and report social good. Youtopia’s dynamic gamification system is designed to incite students, employees and volunteers to find the time, motivation, and the pathways to improve our schools, our companies, and our community.

In Company’s Own Words:

Youtopia is a team of entrepreneurs, designers, educators, and community activists who share the belief that a dedicated group of creative individuals can make the world a better place. By adding a healthy dose of competition, Youtopia makes it easy and fun to give back. It provides students, employees, and volunteers the recognition and rewards they deserve for doing good.

Easy To Use:

Youtopia credits are earned when Youtopians volunteer at verified charitable organizations throughout your community. As an added incentive, their Redemption Marketplace makes it easy to redeem these credits for rewards like gift cards, electronics and more. Youtopia points are earned by students, faculty and parents when they complete activities like making healthier choices, participating in extracurricular events and reaching specific social or academic goals set by your school. You can redeem these points for items in your Youtopia School Store, an online marketplace filled with fun incentives to encourage better habits among individuals and to improve your school.

Great Tool For Companies:

You can use Youtopia to track your employees’ socially conscious activities and reward those actions that you want to encourage. Whether your company wants employees to get more involved in their community, make healthier choices, or be more environmentally conscious, Youtopia creates a friendly and competitive work environment that encourages everyone to get involved, do good, and get rewarded for it.nIt’s up to you to decide the focus of the system and how to apply it to guide behavior.