1. Design Challenges and Activities mapped to your curriculum goals and assignments.

2. Set Goals and Create Badges to track progress and recognize achievement.

3. Create class, grade level, or campus-wide groups and upload your users.

4. Submit Evidence. Students click “I did this” to upload their assignments.

5. Confirm Activities. Teachers choose to approve or comment on student work to guide implementation, and students can self monitor their progress.

6. Reports reflect key data points in real time. Enabling comprehensive summaries of engagement for students and teachers.



Engage Your Community. Youtopia adds a layer of gamification to your organization with points, badges, and leaderboards for an extra level of engagement.

Track Service Hours. Members submit their hours and reflections online, building a transparent and comprehensive report for all to see. Finally, all your service learning is verified and easy to report.

Improve Academics. Simple to set up and customize, Youtopia tracks your students’ activities and encourages them to do more. Just plug in your curriculum, set your goals, and watch your students excel.

Boost Positive Behaviors. Encourage your students to master concepts, complete projects, and develop 21st century skills like collaboration, respect, and leadership. The perfect addition to your PBIS curriculum.

Build Your Custom Solution. Whether you’re a school, greek organization, nonprofit, or business, you can customize Youtopia to fit your needs with our help along the way.