CHICAGO, January 1, 2012 — The arena of volunteer organization recently gained a valuable ally with the arrival of Their mission? To optimize all social good. Youtopia is approaching this ambitious task through the development of a web and mobile gamification platform that allows employees, students, and volunteers to track and organize their good deeds, academic achievements, and community service. Youtopia’s gamification platform further benefits schools, companies, and their communities by making it easy to share this good work with their social networks. For the first time, Youtopia provides verified and quantified analytics detailing what individuals or organizations accomplish.

The aspiration of Youtopia is to connect and magnify the actions of those who are dedicated to doing good for others. Youtopia’s dynamic gamification system is designed to do just that; to incite students, employees and volunteers to find the time, motivation, and the pathways to do good. In this way, Youtopia makes it easy and fun to give back, and also gives its users the recognition and rewards people and organizations deserve for doing good. VP of Education, Nick Antista says he is “excited about youtopia because people will now see that they can make a difference even in small ways.”

The group of entrepreneurs, educators, and community organizers that makes up the core of Youtopia have made several exciting strategic partnerships in recent months. Youtopia was forged in partnership with entrepreneur, Shawn Riegsecker in June of 2011. Riegsecker is the President and Founder of Centro, a successful digital media services company based in Chicago. He grew Centro from the philosophy that “If you want a really successful company over the long term, you have got to start with making sure your employees are happy and that they are taken care of. If you do that, they’re going to return the favor and build a great company.” This is readily apparent in the core philosophy of Youtopia: a community dedicated to the common good will thrive.

Youtopia is collaborating with the software design and development experts at Quiet Foundation, LLC in building Youtopia’s beta site. Quiet Foundation is working closely with the Youtopia management team to develop a remarkable platform for powerful analytics and custom incentives. Youtopia is also pleased to bring Jacqueline Edelberg on board as Director of Strategic Partnerships. Edelberg has been the driving force behind the transformation of Chicago’s Nettelhorst School into one of the city’s most prized public grade schools. She details this inspirational turnaround in her acclaimed book “How To Walk To School: Blueprint for a Neighborhood School Renaissance.” A community organizer, writer, and nationally recognized fine artist, Jacqueline is dedicated to exploring how public schools and reformers can galvanize communities to improve public education. The depth of knowledge and experience she brings to Youtopia is invaluable in these early months of development, and will serve the company well into the future.

In addition to launching a beta with Centro, Youtopia has partnered with two schools: Morgan Park Academy in Chicago and Rockhurst High School in Kansas City. The team is excited to work with these early adopters. Together they’re creating the most disruptive tool possible for optimizing social good. Youtopia has set a public release date for January of 2012. As evidenced by CEO Simeon Schnapper’s goal for the company that “Five years from now, Youtopia will change our very conception of what is valuable” – their long-term vision is nothing short of Utopian.

SOURCE Meta Cubed International Holdings, LLC